Today we make the time reverse back to the place, where the great leader Tamerlan was born. This is where he started his “career” by gathering the best masters, who built some amazing masterpieces of architecture.

Because of beautiful parks full of trees in the city, it is was given the name Shahrisabz, which means “Green City”. Shahrisabz was the center of culture and science in times of Tamerlane. This is where the great poets, such as Navoi, Jami and the king-scientist Ulugbek spent a great amount of time.

Nowadays, Shahrisabz is a tiny little town, where you can see not a big number of historical heritage. One of the is Ak Saray, which has only a couple walls left until today…


Gur Amir

Hard to believe, but inside the building you see in the picture above lies the great conqueror, Tamerlane…

Guri Amir (“Amir’s Tomb”) is now another touristic attraction  Taof Samarkand city. The mausoleum of such an individual could be no more luxurious, although it is said that Tamerlane himself did not want any fancy memorials after him.

As you enter the mausoleum, you will find yourself surrounded by the walls, which have the finest decors of Eastern style in golden and blue colors. In the main hall there are several tombs marked with graphite. As you see, after Tamerlane, there were also buried his sons and grandsons near him.

Bibi Khanum

Let me bring your attention to next  sight of interest in beautiful Samarkand. Before introducing the building in the picture above, I would like to give a little hint: this mosque was built for one of the greatest women in the history of Uzbeks.

Does it remind you of something? For instance, the king of India, who built Tajmahal for his lovely wife? Exactly, treasuring amazing women as needed is one of the outstanding qualities of Timurids!

So, the mosque is that initial lesson from Tamerlan himself. It was dedicated for his legendary, wise and beautiful wife – Saroy Mulk Khanum or Bibi Khanum in short. The mosque owes its beauty to the greatest masters of that time and the materials from India!

Living King

The city of wonders and holiness is ready now to open the next treasure of it to you, my friends. Today’s our destination is the complex, which was subject to many discussions, mysteries and simply awes.

Shahi Zinda is the mausoleum of Qusam ibn Abbas (r.a.), prophet Muhammad (s.a.v.)’s sahabi, who was said to be closest in character and looks. The legends say that he visited Samarkand pretty often. Once he was in danger due to the enemies and got lost in this region. People  could find neither him, nor his body…

So, many of his followers preferred to believe that he was still alive. Therefore, the mausoleum now carries the name of Shahi Zinda – the Living King.

Sharq Taronalari

I am sure that not every one of you has an idea of what today’s title mean. Definitely, I am not trying to add new words to English language, so let me just translate it.

“Sharq taronalari” from Uzbek language means “melodies of the East”. It is one of the biggest folklore festivals in the world, which is held in the Pearl of Uzbekistan, Samarkand city. There no special concert hall for this event, since there is no better option than legendary square of Registan.

Below I shared the opening ceremony of the festival, so you can also enjoy watching not only the square’s view in the evening, but also the friendship between that many nations, gathered together at the world’s ancient masterpience!


Registan in other words is the downtown Samarkand. Just like Eiffel Tower representing Paris, Registan square also is the symbol of Samarkand. Translated as “Sandy Place”, Registan once used to be the center of trade on Silk Road. Later the leaders of different governments started modifying by building some masterpieces.

At the first glance, the three main buildings of the square may seem absolutely identical. However, the history behind each of them as more various than you have thought.

The fact that all three of them are madrasahs (religious schools) make them similar, but their “authors” are different. The first one of them is the initiator of such buildings, Mirzo Ulugbek – Uzbek scientist, astrologist and leader. The name of madarasah was also given after him.

The second is called Sher Dor (behavior of Lion). This building is different with the images of animals on it, including two lions, because of which it was given the name above.

The last madrasah Tilla Kori has a special religious spirit. It is decorated with the best calligraphy, which portray some verses from Holy Qur’an.

Tour in Samarkand

Hello, dear friends!

Today we will continue our journey in the land of Tamerlan. After some details about the city, it is now time to have some virtual tour through an interesting video.

What I am sharing here is not a colorful and full of action promotion video. It is just the real recording by the tourists, without any video editing and effects. However, this is what made it unusual. You will be able to see and hear the REAL Samarkand! You will hear the real noises in ancient bazaars, touristic sites and streets. And hopefully, one day when you visit the place for real, those noises will be so dear and near for you!

Land of Tamerlan

Tamerlan – the conqueror of almost half of the world, the legedary leader, warrior and the king. They call him Amir Temur in Central Asia. The family of Temuriys were extremely influential and ruled the lands for many years after their great grandfather. During his rule, the cities prospered, science, arts and culture were developed rapidly and the lands became one of the world’s cultural centers.

Samarkand is one of the perfect examples of how prosperous the cities were at that time. It is incredible how the precious buildings and monuments were well preserved for all these centuries till now! It is true that they have been restored and repaired a bit after the independence of Uzbekistan, but still, there was what to work with!

One of the most visited and beautiful memorials in the ancient city is the mausoleum of Amir Temur. There also were buried some of his family members…

Tashkent city: Before and Now

Before welcoming you guys to the capital of beautiful Kyrgyzstan, I would like to give a short glimpse of its recent history…

April 26, 1966… The day when the time stopped in the beautiful city of Tashkent; the severe pushes of an earthquake left the city ruined and impossible to recognize. More than 36 thousands of homes were destroyed, which was a serious damage to all of citizens both financial and moral…

However, today only the monument, which was built for the remembrance of that day, remains in the city. Nothing else can make the person even believe about a disaster, because Tashkent is as prosperous as it can be among Central Asian cities!

Welcome to Uzbekistan

Today, I would like to admit that I adore this country… The reasons are a lot and one of the main one of them is that our Educational Travel blogs have so much to talk about this country. Since Uzbekistan was one of the cradles of early development of science, literature and culture, there is so much to learn from its history and today’s condition. So, let us start from the introduction to this legendary place to get the general idea first: