Welcome to Uzbekistan

Today, I would like to admit that I adore this country… The reasons are a lot and one of the main one of them is that our Educational Travel blogs have so much to talk about this country. Since Uzbekistan was one of the cradles of early development of science, literature and culture, there is so much to learn from its history and today’s condition. So, let us start from the introduction to this legendary place to get the general idea first:

Therapy Mine

It must definitely feel weird why those guys above are playing basketball in such narrow tunnel, instead of a big stadium. The reason is brilliant: this is not a usual tunnel, but the healing one!

In fact, the guys are now in the salt mine! Those mines are visited for they have the necessary atmosphere and air that contains useful minerals. Those minerals help cure variety of illness in the breathing system, including bronchitis and asthma.

As you see, the separate parts of a salt mine are equipped really well for the patients, including playgrounds, beds and so on. There are such destinations in many countries, to which belong Ukraine, Belorus, Kyrgyzstan and others nowadays.

Asian Canyons

Here on Educational Tours, I thought that there is no need for introducing you guys to the world’s big natural wonders, such as the Grand Canyon in the United States of America. Instead, it would be more interesting for us both to explore something absolutely new.

So here is the first thing: Konorchek canyons in Kyrgyzstan… They also call it Asian Great Canyon. The place is so breathtakingly gorgeous with the blood-red sand and the beautiful slopes and unusual rock formations that have witnessed so many years of history and natural disasters. Just like they say: “The disasters shake it and break it, but that is what make it!”


















































































































































































































































































































So, here is one: there is a bea

“Esoteric” Tours

I wonder if you guys are wondering what does the term “Esoteric” mean.  This one of the new terms to the field of tourism and actually has been existing for so many years already. Esoterism has to do with the belief and inner self of a person.

There have been so many movements in history, which were based on the rights to one’s own belief and spiritual values. As an example, we can think of Sufism, Freemasons, Buddhism and so on.

Nowadays, they offer such tours to the beautiful nature, where the one can meditate and experience some spiritual exercises, such as yoga. It is actually the perfect chance to stay alone and talk to one’s own self. This will help a person obtain unusual peace and relaxation after stressfull days of work or study.

History in couple hours

I would not be surprised if you guys were deeply impressed by the story of a Kyrgyz Queen – Kurmanjan Datka from the last post. Then good news for you: they recently released an amazing movie, which is based on that woman’s life. It is the real story of a history’s hero, which will take the breath away from the beginning till much more even after finishing!

Below is the official trailer to the movie and I hope you guys will enjoy watching just like as I did! I was not able to find an English version yet (unfortunately), but still hope to get it soon!

Queen of Mountains

The person, about whom I will write today , has also become one of the most influencial individuals in the history of the Great Silk Road, Central Asia. Despite the fact that she was a woman, Kurmanjan Datka was incredibly powerful in political life of her time.

There is a special reason why they called her as a Queen of Mountains. She was the wife of the main leader among nomadic Kyrgyz nation. Unfortunately, very soon she was left alone – her husband, Alymbek Datka was murdered by the enemies. It was a huge grief not only to her, but also the whole nation.

However, she was smart and strong enough to find courage to comfort the rest of people and took all the problems of the land to herself. She dedicated the rest of her life for uniting her nation and building a strong and stable country together. It would be truth, that Kyrgyzstan’s freedom and status is also the result of her efforts!

Peak of Sympathy!

How much of a sympathy, love and care does the person need for others to get such a nickname as “Worry” or “Sadness”?  There on Earth lived so many people, who spent their lives for others, totally forgetting about their own problems.

In Kazakhstan, there also was such individual, whom they called as Asan Kaygi. Asan is his name and Kaygi is, as you figured, his nick, which means “sadness, sorrow and worry” in Kazakh language. He was a great singer, philosopher of Kazakh kaganate in 15th century.

They took his philosophy as the main ideology of the country and even Khan himself could do nothing but agree with what he said about ruling the country. Asan Kaygi demanded that the Khan should take care of his nation without opression and unite all other kazakhs around the world…


Wisdom in Kyrgyz


There are such people in the world, who have neither gotten the diploma of neither Bachelor’s nor Master’s Degree, but simply have the God given talent and wisdom. Kyrgyzstan is also the proud country of such people and today I will introduce you to one of them.

Tolubay Synchy is that very unique person, who lived in 14-15th centuries. He was famous for his strong character, which was filled with determination, strength and bravery. He always fought for justice and could not stand lies. On this way he was not even afraid of the King himself!

Another wonderful quality of him is that Tolubay was really good at knowledge about horses. He could take any horse and according to its abilities, would take him to the highest level possible.

Entitlement in Silk Road

I would like to take a flashback to our previous posts, because among them you guys were introduced to one of the most ancient heritaage of Kyrgyzstan – Burana Tower. There we informed that the tower is situated in the city of Tokmok, which in turn used to be the great cultural center of early Kaganates.

As an example of the huge role of Tokmok city in the Karakhanid Kaganate, we can proudly talk about Zhusup Balasaguni – a great philosopher, writer and poet. He is the author of one of the greatest masterpieces in history – the work “Kutadgu Bilig” (Useful Knowledge or the book about governing the country).

He presented the book to the king of that time and the king, startled by his job, gave hime the title of Khas Khajib, the level equal to the advisor of the king.

“Road Scholar”

Educational tours can be perfect if only they are organized in the right place, correct time and company. This is a huge responsibility to be able to organize all of this and it depends both on the tour agents and the tourists themselves.

The web site I ran into today looks like one of those good organizers for such tours. It offers variety of tours mainly on the Great Silk Road. The countries the route pass by include Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan and so on.

Following is their official web site. Go ahead and take a look for it may become your next agent for Silkway Educational Tours: